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*insert Rake scream here*
Jack: there it is, get it *insert a barrage of gun shots here*
*the Rake screams even louder*
Chris: di-did we get i-*Rake lunges at Chris and mauls him to death as Jack runs for his life*
Jack: *after escaping the woods the man pants* what the fuck was that thing
Jeff: what was who? cause all i see is a dead man
Narrator: he looks up to see a man in a blood covered white hoodie and black dress pants whos face was pure white with black rings around his eyes and a Joker smile carved into his cheeks screaming in terror at what he saw as he quickly draws his knife and plunges it into the man
Jeff: just relax....and Go To Sleep
Narrator: Jeff takes the knife out of the man and puts it away walking into the cold night to find a place to stay for the night
News Anchor: this just in, Jeff, the wanted killer has been sighted near the forest areas, be advised to stay indoors and away from the forest until further notice, also two men by the names of Chris Worshed and Jack Conway were found dead in and out of the forest, Chris's wounds dont look like any that Jeff could cause but Jacks had a large deep knife wound in his chest, hopefully we can get this issue fixed, thank you
Narrator: the next day Jeff went back to the forest and walked in hearing about the person or creature that took Chris's life
Jeff: hello!!
Narrator: Jeff yelled trying to get the things attention but there was nothing
Jeff: where the hell are you
Narrator: suddenly a scream came from the West of where Jeff was as Jeff prepared his knife
Jeff: heh, saved me the trouble of lookin for you, big mistake
Narrator: Jeff darted for the source of the noise and when he arrived he found nothing
Jeff: fuck, i missed it, it couldnt have gotten that fa-*the Rake jumps out at Jeff clawing the center of his hoodie*
Narrator: the creature clawed Jeff through his hoodie leaving a huge gash in it without drawing any blood from Jeff still chewing on the flesh from Chris
Jeff: what the fuck are you supposed to be
Narrator : Jeff thought to himself as he looked at the creature, it stood on all fours and had razor sharp claws and teeth along with really pale looking skin, but its worst feature was its eyes, almost lifeless
Jeff: so your the one that was killing my fucking prey, what are you
Narrator: the Rake just gave a growl and inched closer to Jeff
Jeff: oh no, you do NOT want to mess with me freak, do you know who i am, im Jeff the kill-
Narrator: before Jeff could finish the Rake creature lunged at him again with Jeff barely dodging the attack as Jeff swiped it with his knife when it passed
Jeff: not very patient are you, even Slendy put up more of a fight
Rake: *wales loudly charging at Jeff again hitting its mark knocking Jeff to the floor*
Narrator: the Rake let out a barrage of slashes at Jeffs chest attempting to get to his heart but Jeff didnt give, Jeff kicked the creature off him and threw the knife right into one of the creatures eyes dark blood gushing from it, Jeff picked up his knife and thrusted it into the Rakes back at least 5 times before it knocked him off
Jeff: oh now you pissed me off
Narrator: Jeff runs at the Rake furious so does the Rake to Jeff, the Rakes claws clashed with Jeffs knife over and over again like an all or nothing sword fight as the Rake lands a blow into Jeffs chest and threw him over its head and slammed him into the ground, Jeff coughed up blood and stood up
Jeff: *covering his wound* little ba-*coughs up more blood*bastard
Narrator: The Rake just licked its lips 
Jeff: *gets up and spits blood onto the ground* your dead, you hear me punk!
Rake *screams and charges Jeff*
Jeff: *notices the gun attached to Chris and goes for it* this could be useful
Narrator: Jeff grabs the gun and fires a fury of bullets at the Rake, it damaged it but not a lot, Jeff then pulls out his lighter and Chris's on hand bug spray and darts at the Rake igniting the flame from the lighter and sprays the bug spray as a makeshift flamethrower, the Rake caught flame and screamed
Jeff: maybe that burned off some of its protective skin
Narrator: Jeff put the spray into the Rakes mouth and lit it shooting it with Chris's gun causing it to explode the loud explosion could be heard from at least a mile away, the police and fire department were called to the scene moments after the explosion as they found what little remained of the Rake with Jeffs calling card on its face, a smile resembling his


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i hope you guys enjoy the art i have in store for you


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